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Welcome to Soap By Selena! I enjoy creating things that are good for your skin and fun to use. Most of my bar soaps are made by the cold process method.

Handmade soap retains the naturally occurring glycerin that helps draw moisture to your skin. This along with skin loving oils and butters helps to keep your skin soft and won't cause the same irritation as the commercially made "soaps".

Shipping details

I ship via USPS. If the total shipping charges you've paid are a dollar or more over the actual charges then I will gladly refund the difference to you.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Unfortunately the items I sell are not something that can be returned. However, if you do have a problem then please contact me immediately and we will work something out. I strive to keep my customers happy!

Additional information

I gladly accept custom and wholesale orders!

Soap by Selena

I have been making soap since 2002 and I absolutely love it. Handmade soap is so much better for your skin than the "detergent" that passes for soap in the stores. I only use vegetable oils and nut butters when making my soaps so you can be sure that it will leave your skin clean and soft.

If you are looking for something special please feel free to contact me. I love doing custom orders!